Academic Program

Grade 9

English I or Honors English I
Algebra I or Honors Algebra I
World Cultures or Honors World Cultures
Biology or Honors Biology
French or Spanish
Topics in Technology
Music For Worship
Physical Education I

Grade 10

English II or Honors English II
Geometry or Honors Geometry
Physical Science or Honors Chemistry
American Government or Honors American Government
U.S. History to WWI or Honors/AP U.S. History to WWI
French or Spanish
Introduction to Art
Physical Education II

Grade 11

English III or AP Language and Composition
Algebra II or Honors Algebra II
20th Century U.S. History or Honors/AP 20th Century U.S. History

Elective #1
Elective #2

Grade 12

English IV or AP Literature and Composition

Elective #1
Elective #2
Elective #3

The catherine McAuley Honors Program:

The acceptance of an invitation into the Catherine McAuley Honors Program demonstrates a student's desire for rigorous academic challenge and the confidence to achieve as a thinker and a scholar. McAuley Scholars achieve mastery beyond essentials in a learning environment that will excite them. In 9th grade McAuley Scholars take the honors sections of the regular curriculum with their math courses determined by placement testing. At the end of freshman year they are given the opportunity to choose honors study in at least two disciplines to be continued over the next three years.

The following are requirements of the program:

  • achieve an overall average of "B" or better in final grades each year
  • participate in one co-curriculuar or extra-curricular activity each year
  • enroll in seven courses in their junior year
  • complete and present a research project in senior year

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement is offered in the following courses: Language and Composition, Literature and Composition, Calculus, Advanced Calculus, U. S. History and Introduction to Psychology.

Advanced Placement (AP) offers the highly motivated student the opportunity to take college level courses that will prepare her for the rigors of the Advanced Placement Examinations. Students may earn college credit in this way. Although the best preparation for an AP examination is the AP course, AP courses are not a requirement for sitting for the AP exams. AP exams have been taken, for example, in U.S. Government, French and Spanish.

Elective Courses

Grades 11 and 12

  • Calculus AB (Honors) (AP)
  • Calculus BC (Honors) (AP)**
  • Financial Literacy**
  • Finite Mathematics**
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Mathematical Concepts and Applications**
  • Pre-Calculus (Honors)
  • Statistics (Honors)
  • Trigonometry & Advanced Topics
  • Introduction to Bioethics
  • Life Choices for Christian Women
  • French III, IV , V
  • Spanish III, IV, V
  • Latin I (online)
  • Latin II (online)
  • AP Biology (Honors)
  • Biology II (Honors)
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry (Honors)
  • Exploring the Environment
  • Physics (Honors)
  • Future Studies (Honors)
  • History vs. Hollywood**
  • Introduction to Economics (online)**
  • Introduction to Psychology (Honors) (AP)
  • Introduction to Sociology**
  • Global Issues I
  • Global Issues II
  • The Mentor Program
  • Politics of Poverty**
  • Art I
  • Art II
  • Art II Studio
  • Ceramics
  • Digital Photography
  • American Dance Through the Decades**
  • Introduction to Theater**
  • Women in Film**
  • Women in Theater**
  • Yearbook I**
  • Yearbook II**
  • Business Technology
  • Computer Graphics & Design (can be applied to Fine Arts graduation requirement)**
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Web Site Design & Development (can be applied to Fine Arts graduation requirement)**
  • Programming for the iPad
  • Digital Publication Journalism I
  • Digital Publication: Imaginative Writing I
  • Women & Health**
  • Women & Health: Special Topics**

Courses through Anne Arundel Community College for college credit:

  • Introduction to Psychology (additional fee required)
  • Abnormal Psychology (additional fee required)

  • **Course may not be offered each year.