Graduation Requirements

The following are requirements for graduation from Mercy High School:

3.50 credits plus 0.50 credit for community service
English 4.00
Math 4.00
Science 3.00
Social Studies (including 1.00 U.S. History PLUS 0.50 American Government)                                  
Fine Arts 1.00*
Physical Education 1.00**
Electives 5.00***
Total 25.00

Transfer students into Mercy after 9th grade who did not have religion courses in their previous schools are not required to make up those credits in Religion.

* Students may apply only 0.25 credit from participation in Fine Arts co-curricular activities toward satisfying the Fine Arts requirement.

** The Physical Education graduation requirement cannot be met by applying credits from sports.

*** The electives requirement may not be met by credits earned through sports or co-curricular activities.