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Graduate Profile

A Journey of Student Development

Our Profile of the Graduate is how students come to manifest and embody our Core Values. It’s the culmination of everything a Mercy Education hopes to achieve. Throughout the student’s journey, this blueprint defines the attributes they’re expected to acquire and the steps they’ll take to gain them. With the Profile of the Graduate, every experience and academic opportunity is linked to and aligned with our Core Values.

Mercy Education Profile of a Graduate

Compelled by Mercy

  • Compassion. Having concern for the needs of all, including those outside our immediate circle.
  • Empathy. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to understand their feelings and perspectives.
  • Responsibility to Serve. Fulfilling the duty to not just care about other, but to take action on their behalf.

Educational Courage

  • Curiosity. Being open to other ways of seeing the world and exploring new ideas. 
  • Personal Accountability. Staying disciplined in decision-making, proactive in correcting mistakes and self-motivated in our studies. 
  • Critical Thinking. Gathering and objectively evaluating and analyzing information through reflection and reason.

Inspired by Faith

  • Spirituality. Developing a personal relationship with a loving, merciful God, expressed in service and respecting other faiths.
  • Modeling of Jesus Christ & Catherine McAuley. Living life with abundant love, compassion, generosity and hospitality, demonstrating the strength of infinite mercy.
  • Ethical & Moral. Following a personal code based on Gospel values that guides action and choices.

Principled Leadership

  • Integrity. Standing up for or doing what’s right, including when it’s difficult or unpopular. 
  • Lifelong Learning. Always learning something new, gaining skills and wanting to know more, in all walks of life. 
  • Emotional Intelligence. Recognizing and welcoming emotions within ourselves and others to build resilience and healthy relationships.

A Voice For Dignity and Respect

  • Grace. Allowing others to be fully human without judgment, while honoring what is God-like within each person. 
  • Advocate. Being a forceful defender, supporter and sometimes spokesperson for the values and people we hold dear.
  • Inclusivity. Going beyond tolerance to embrace diversity, while accepting and serving with open arms.