Goals - Mercy High School

Personal Focus. Global Perspective. Mercy Changes Everything.


As a Community of Faith

  1. To instill in students an appreciation and knowledge of the tradition of Roman Catholicism and to encourage full participation as baptized women in the Church
  2. To provide opportunities for participation in Christian Catholic worship 
  3. To guide students in making responsible decisions on the basis of Christian values, guided by the belief in a loving, personal God 

As a Community of Learning

  1. To provide a superior academic education:
    1. Emphasizing in all teaching both excellence in presentation of content and appreciation for the dynamic process of learning
    2. Fostering critical thinking in students in order to assure mastery beyond essentials
  2. To develop in students an appreciation of tradition, the freedom to question, and the ability to integrate their experiences in a changing world 
  3. To provide opportunities for leadership and group interaction, emphasizing the balance between competition and cooperation
  4. To provide resources and possibilities for students’ future educational, vocational and personal development 
  5. To teach students to be guided by ethical principles in the use of current and emerging technologies 

As a Community in the World 

  1. To foster in each student an awareness of her membership in many communities, and her responsibility to contribute to the common good
  2. To develop in each young woman an awareness of her individual worth and power, as a person and as a woman, and to encourage her in her responsibility:  
    1. To assume progressively greater responsibility for her own education, and ultimately for her own life
    2. To grow in the knowledge that true freedom is responsible freedom
    3. To undertake responsible acts of service that work toward justice and respond with compassion to those in need
    4. To develop a sense of respect, fairness and compassion through an education based on justice and mercy
    5. To be aware of the need for social justice, especially on behalf of persons who are poor and/or marginalized
    6. To take advantage of opportunities to understand and participate in the society of which she is a part.
  3. To guide, support and challenge each student as she grows in a holistic understanding of herself and her world
  4.  To develop in students the awareness that they are part of all creation and are responsible to make choices which contribute to the well-being of the earth and the cosmos 
  5. To foster respect for human diversity in its many forms and the many religious, cultural and social traditions encountered in the world community. 
  6. Informed by the Christian tradition and the vision of the Sisters of Mercy, to guide students to the understanding of their genuine role as peacemakers in the world.