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Computer Science

We explore the foundations of computer science, leading to learning and creative innovations using technology and other tools

Through the study of computer science, students learn to use and apply technology effectively as a means to access, process, and communicate information, model and create solutions, and to solve problems. Students develop an appreciation of the impact of design innovations on life, global society, and environments; explore the role of technology in historical and contemporary contexts; and become productive digital citizens that apply practical and creative-thinking skills to make responsible design decisions. Content of computer science courses includes the design cycle, computer maintenance and file management skills, basic and advanced computer applications, fundamental programming concepts, and multimedia presentation skills (graphics creation and manipulation, video and audio editing). Modeling authentic practices of the technology industry, students learn cooperatively through projects requiring multiple skills as well as creative talent. 

The computer science department has two computer labs and a makerspace. A 3-D printer and scanners are available for student use. Students learn to use the Microsoft Office Suite, the Google Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, and computational thinking skills. 

Students are required to take at least 0.5 credits in computer science. Most freshmen begin with Design: Technology, and introductory course. Other electives are offered on a rotating basis. Women in Technology is a signature STEM program that provides an opportunity for Mercy students to explore career paths in technology and to gain both experience and in-depth knowledge in various information technology areas. 

Computer Science Sample Courses:
Design: Technology
Intro to Programming I
Intro to Programming II
Web Development and Design
Design: Computer Applications
AP Computer Science Principles
Computer Science Independent Study

Women In Technology:
The four-year program introduces participants to the possibilities of a career in technology. Experience is provided in programming, networking, operating systems, graphics, databases and information retrieval, security, emerging technologies, and design of software, hardware, and websites. The social issues involving internet security, privacy, copyright, and the impact of technology are also explored. Students edit both audio and video material, and have vast opportunity to provide service to the Mercy community using their expertise. Students are also able to explore career paths in technology via networking with women in the field and through field trips.