English - Mercy High School

Personal Focus. Global Perspective. Mercy Changes Everything.


The English department is committed to Mercy High School’s mission of educating young women to “confront contemporary issues and events, to examine them critically, and to respond to them from the base of clearly defined values” (Mission Statement).  The Mercy philosophy states that “everything changes as it grows from the past into the future…the development of each person depends on the ability to change.” The department is resolved that each graduate will be able to analyze and reflect upon the abundant, often contradictory information of our media-rich culture in order to respond to changing events as a responsible global citizen.

The basic skills of listening, reading, public speaking, and writing ground the English curriculum. Each student studies works – classical and contemporary, print and digital – from world, English, and American literature. She learns to respond to these works and their inherent themes individually and as part of the learning community.  In writing and speaking, she learns to convey meaning through language choices to effectively address an intended audience.

The English curriculum is continually evaluated and revised to meet the needs of students. The content and skills addressed by courses in this curriculum are aligned with 21st Century skills and NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) standards.