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Religious Studies

Freshman Religious Studies focuses on the philosophical grounding for the study of God and Religion in general. Although we all come from different backgrounds and have different belief systems, there are some questions that are common to all of us. Freshman year seeks to answer these fundamental questions about God, the nature of the universe, the human condition, free will, love, and evil, as well as introduce the important role of Scripture as a guiding foundation of Christian Theology. Sophomore year builds on this introduction by exploring the Paschal Mystery, which asks as its essential question, “why did Jesus have to die to save us?” 

Sophomore year ends by exploring the modern developments of the Church. The first two years of Religious Studies explain what the Catholic Church believes, but Junior year takes this knowledge a step further by asking what it means to live as a Catholic. Focused on action, the Junior curriculum explores Morality and Sacraments in the classroom, while requiring students to complete 50 hours of service learning out in their community. Senior year expands this emphasis on worldview through a study of Catholic Social Teaching and an investigation of World Religions, because we are not called to be Catholic in private, we are called to live our faith out in the world. 

The Director of Mission & Ministry oversees the liturgical life of the school by planning for Masses and prayer services throughout the year. Prayer Days for all year levels and a senior closed retreat are arranged through the department.