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Religious Studies

Courses in religious studies help our students discover the richness of faith through theological study, personal reflection, and discussions.

Mercy welcomes students of all faith backgrounds and traditions. Our mission reflects the values of the Sisters of Mercy and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Our Religious Studies curriculum is a four-year requirement and reflects a full implementation of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ curriculum framework for secondary religious education.

Freshman Religious Studies focuses on the philosophical grounding for the study of God and religion in general. Although we all come from different backgrounds and have different belief systems, there are some questions that are common to all of us. Freshman year seeks to answer these fundamental questions about God, the nature of the universe, the human condition, free will, love, and evil, as well as introduce the important role of Scripture as a guiding foundation of Christianity. Sophomore year builds on this introduction by exploring the Paschal Mystery, which asks as its essential question, “why did Jesus have to die to save us?” Sophomore year ends by exploring the modern developments of the Church. 

The first two years of Religious Studies explain what the Catholic Church teaches and believes, while the second two years take this knowledge a step further by asking what it means to put our faith into action. The Junior curriculum explores Sacraments and Morality in the classroom, while offering opportunities to reflect on the completion of their service learning experiences out in their community. Senior year expands this emphasis on worldview through a study of Catholic Social Teaching and an investigation of World Religions. 

As part of the Frances Warde Service Learning program, each student is required to participate in a service learning experience for 50 hours beginning at the end of Freshman year. This is an opportunity for the student to practice her faith by becoming directly involved in the real concerns of her local community. In conjunction with the field work, students will meet to discuss their service experience and its impact on their lives. This program provides a unique learning opportunity for understanding the works of mercy as well as the works of justice.

Religious Studies Courses:
Introduction to Scripture
Introduction to Christology
The Paschal Mystery
The Church
The Sacraments
Christian Morality
Catholic Social Teaching
Exploring World Religions