Science - Mercy High School

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Through exploration and the use of technology, the study of the natural science promotes creativity and interest in science while fostering one's role in stewardship of the Earth.

With inquiry at the core, a study of the sciences aims to guide students to investigate topics independently and collaboratively through research, observation, and experimentation. Each science course explores the scientific method and involves students in laboratory experiments, problem-solving sessions, and group discussions. Students cultivate analytical, inquiring, and flexible minds that pose questions, collect and evaluate data, formulate explanations, and justify conclusions. Students are introduced to the many careers available in the science field. 

Mercy's sequenced three-year science requirements include Biology for freshmen, Introductory Physical Science or Introduction to Physics for sophomores, and Chemistry or Environmental Science for juniors. 

Students with a serious interest in science may choose to take a fourth or even fifth science course from the upper-level electives. In addition, the science department encourages students to take advantage of the many community volunteer programs, summer workshops, and university course offerings for summer enrichment in the surrounding areas. 

Three signature STEM programs are offered: Women in Medicine in partnership with Mercy Medical Center; The Sister Agnese Neumann Scholars Program in partnership with MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital; and Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science Program

Science Courses: 
Introductory Physical Science
Introduction to Physics Honors
Environmental Science
Honors Physics
Honors Biology II
AP Biology 
Marine Biology**

Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science Courses:
Principles of Biomedical Science
Human Body Systems
Medical Interventions
Biomedical Innovations

*Honors sections offered
**Courses may not be offered every year