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Mercy’s sequenced science requirements include Biology for freshmen, Introduction to Physical Science for sophomores, and Chemistry for juniors. Students in the Honors program take Honors Biology as freshmen, Introduction to Physics (Honors) as sophomores and Honors Chemistry as juniors.

"The physics field trip to Towson University was very educational and memorable. Seeing nanotechnology up close and hearing the personal story of an astronaut are two things that don’t usually occur in a high school classroom. And it’s always fun to learn in a new way."
– Lauren '09

The Biology course is a survey course with special focus on the many levels of life’s organization from cells to complex body systems. Exploration of genetics and new technologies is emphasized. The curriculum assists students in making healthy life choices and encourages students to appreciate and respect the diversity and interconnectedness of life on our planet.

The Physical Science course explores the concepts of matter and energy through the study of introductory topics in chemistry and physics.  Both topics focus on content as well as the skills necessary for upper level scientific inquiry.

The Introduction to Physics (Honors) course builds an understanding of physics topics from mechanics to modern physics through student exploration, problem solving, inquiry and laboratory-based activities.

The Chemistry course examines matter: its structure, composition, properties, and the changes it undergoes. Students work in developing problem solving skills, abstract and critical thinking skills, and effective laboratory skills.

Exploring the Environment is an alternate junior course which challenges the students to think about environmental issues and the science behind them. Students interpret environmental data, design and implement laboratory activities and practice good problem solving skills.  They are encouraged to recognize the healthy balance between the actions of human beings and the impact of those actions on the environment.

Additional senior electives include: Honors Physics, Biology II (H), and a semester of Biotechnology/Marine Biology.

Students with a serious interest in science may choose to take a fourth or even fifth science course from the upper level electives.  Each level science course explores the scientific method and involves students in laboratory experiments, problem-solving sessions, and group discussions. Students are introduced to the many careers available in the science field. The Science Department encourages students to take advantage of the many community volunteer programs, summer workshops and university course offerings for summer enrichment offered in the surrounding areas.