Social Studies - Mercy High School

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Social Studies

The Social Studies Department aims to prepare students to be thoughtful, active citizens with the ability to function and participate productively in a multi-cultural, rapidly changing world. The curriculum assists students to develop skills and processes needed for the study of history and the social sciences, especially the thinking skills necessary for local, national and global problem solving. Throughout each course, students increase their understanding of political, economic and social institutions and strive to demonstrate the linkages between past and present civilizations.

Required courses include a year-long examination of World Cultures and a two-year, chronologically-based sequence of American Government and U.S. History. Honors sections are offered for each of these courses, as well as AP U.S. History. Junior/senior electives include Future Studies, Global Issues I and II and Introduction to Psychology (Honors/AP).  Students may earn dual credit through Anne Arundel Community College online in Social Sciences courses.