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Fine Arts

Through an exploration of the aesthetic, students recognize their creative potential for expression, interpreting the world around them, and presenting compositions in response to artistic styles and structures.

In the Fine Arts at Mercy, students function as artists as well as learners of the arts. They create, preform, and present arts in ways that engage and convey feelings, experiences, and ideas. Students respond and react to art through analysis and critique. Through artistic practice, student acquire new skills and master those developed in prior learning. Student are encouraged to explore their creative gifts and share their talents in Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Dance, Music, and Theatre Arts. One fine arts credit is required for graduation and can be fulfilled through any of the visual or performing arts.

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Visual Arts

The visual art curriculum is designed to give all students foundational instruction in the visual arts, and to develop, in those with serious interest, skills specific to the professional world of art. Student begin by developing the mind of an artist as they learn to define an artistic intention, practice skills, and respond to the work of others. Through a sequential series of two and three-dimensional projects, students are exposed to art materials and media such as drawing, painting, printing, ceramics, digital art, and photography. Art courses encourage students to explore the elements, principles, and history of art, and help them develop observation, creative, and critical skills. The visual art curriculum assists students in the process of preparing a competent portfolio and gives them the opportunity to display their works. High qualified seniors are guided in the process of preparing portfolios for the AP Studio Art Exam. 

Mercy's signature four-year Visual Arts Program is for students with serious interest in developing their artistic skills, and in potentially pursuing the visual arts in college or in their future career. 

Visual Arts Courses:
Introduction to Drawing
Basic Design
Introduction to Art
Intro to Studio Techniques: Mark Making
Introduction to Painting
Studio Art (Independent Study)
Digital Photography
Yearbook I
Yearbook II


Mercy's dance curriculum is a college preparatory, conservatorial program that maintains a dual emphasis on the technical and artistic training of students, providing them with a solid, comprehensive technical foundation, and a stimulating, enjoyable artistic encounter. Students receive technical instruction in the genres of ballet, modern dance, jazz dance, improvisation, and composition, as well as exposure to various styles of choreography and performance opportunities. Students of dance at Mercy often have working professionals as guest teachers. 

Mercy's Dance Troupe is for serious students of dance who are continuing to develop their performance skills and perfect their technique. Dance Troupe and Apprentice Dance Company require auditions, while Dance Exploration for All is open to all interested students. 

Dance Courses: 
Dance Troupe
Apprentice Dance Company
Dance Exploration for All


The objectives of the music program include fostering teamwork, leadership, performance presence, and collaboration among students in music ensembles and in music courses. All music students learn the building blocks of music in order to respond to music in their daily lives. The emphasis in the music program is placed on process, creating a professional performance as a final product. 

Students can participate in two choral ensembles, the Mercy Madrigals and the Mercy Mezzos, a select choir. Instrumental students perform in the Ensemble Players. In addition to the performing ensembles, students can foster their musical growth by exploring the digital piano lab, playing handbells, or learning about music in introductory classes. 

Music Courses: 
The Ensemble Players
Introduction to Music

Theatre Arts

In theatre, students discover their voices. Courses in theatre arts are designed to introduce students to theory and practice of theatre crafts, include acting, direction, design, and production. Students learn techniques for acting, history of theatre, and the evaluation of theatrical products. While some courses focus on scene work and character development, others focus on the perspective of women in playwriting, acting and directing context. 

Footlighters, Mercy's drama company, allows students to explore various areas of theatre arts including acting, theatre marketing, and technical theatre. Footlighters produces a play and a musical annually. 

Theatre Arts Courses: 
Introduction to Theatre Arts*
Musical Theatre: History & Performance*
Introduction to Acting*
Women in Theatre*

*Courses may not be offered every year