Visual Arts - Mercy High School

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Visual Arts

The art program is designed to give all students foundational instruction in the visual arts, and to develop in those with serious interest skills specific to the professional world of art. Through sequential series of two and three-dimensional projects, students are exposed to art materials and media such as drawing, painting, printing, ceramics, digital art and photography. Art courses are production oriented, encourage students to explore the elements, principles and history of art, and help them to develop observation, creative and critical skills. The art program assists students in the process of preparing a competent portfolio, and gives them the opportunity to display their works in school exhibits, and in public galleries.

Introduction to Drawing is a semester course offered to freshmen with demonstrated interest and talent. Introduction to Art and Basic Design are semester courses on art appreciation assigned to sophomores to fulfill their fine arts requirement. Ceramics and Digital Photography are elective semester courses open to juniors and seniors. Art IArt II and Art II Studio are year courses in drawing and painting designed for juniors and seniors with a firm commitment to art. Highly qualified seniors are guided in the process of preparing portfolios for the AP Studio Art Exam.