Graduation Requirements - Mercy High School

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Graduation Requirements

The following are the requirements for graduation from Mercy High School:

Service Learning0.50
Social Studies (including 1 U.S. History + 0.50 American Government)3
Fine Arts*1
Physical Education**1
Total25.50 credits

Transfer students to Mercy High School after 9th grade who did not have religion courses in their previous schools are not required to make up those credits in religion.

Students in Advanced Placement courses are required to take the AP exam. Should the exam not be taken, the AP designation will be removed from the transcript and there will be no AP weighting in the GPA.

*Students may apply 0.5 credit from participation in Dance Troupe toward either fine arts or physical education. The credit cannot be used for both in the same year but can be used in different years. 

*Students may apply 0.25 credit from participation in Apprentice Dance Company toward satisfying the 0.5 fine arts requirement.

**For students in special programs, the 0.5 physical education credit graduation requirement can be met by applying credits from sports with the permission of the physical and health education department chair and the principal. 

***The elective requirement cannot be met by credits earned through sports or co-curricular activities.