Adviser Program - Mercy High School

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Adviser Program

Pivotal in the organization of Mercy High School is the Adviser Program. Supervised by Ms. Jennifer Mustillo, School Counselor, this program assures each student of consistent contact with a faculty member in a manner different from teacher-student relationships.

The Adviser’s primary responsibility is to oversee the student’s academic program and her progress and participation in all aspects of Mercy High School. This is facilitated by daily contact: students check in and spend time with their advisers each morning. Monthly Advisee group meetings provide additional and regular interaction.

Each student is assigned an Adviser when she enters as a 9th grader. At the end of the first year, she has the option to choose her adviser, thus allowing her to remain with the same adviser for four years or to change. An ongoing relationship, of course, provides better knowledge of the student and her family. It is this relationship which assists the adviser to help the student with her academic and personal development.

The Adviser is the primary point of contact regarding the student in the school and the primary point of contact for parents with the school.