Learning Services - Mercy High School

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Learning Services

The Learning Specialist is a member of Student Services Team. The primary responsibilities of the specialist are to:

  • Review applications of students with learning differences to determine if the school can meet their learning needs.
  • After review of a student's educational evaluation, determine what accommodations need to be provided.
  • Identify students who are showing patterns of difficulty in classes and work with those students and their teachers to determine a plan for meeting their learning needs, and recommend an educational evaluation if needed.
  • Assist families who are going through the process of an educational evaluation.
  • Work with teachers to help them understand the needs of students who have learning differences in order to maximize their potential for success.
  • Assist students who are allowed testing accommodations on standardized tests to receive accommodations on the PSAT/SAT/ACT/AP.
  • Work with all freshmen to teach effective learning and study habits, using a learning styles inventory.
  • Track all students’ progress throughout the year and communicate academic concerns with students, parents and the adviser.