Magic Monday Alumnae Spotlight - Mercy High School

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Magic Monday Alumnae Spotlight

It’s Magic Monday: January 6, 2020! 

This month we celebrate a Woman of Mercy who exemplifies that a Mercy Girl is hard-working, has integrity, and is generous!

Name: Taylor Hall '08

Post Mercy Education:
B.S., Biology, Salisbury University, 2012 
M.S., Forensic Science (Biology track), Stevenson University, 2017

Personal and Professional Achievements:
Career path: 
Baltimore City Police Department: 2017 – present; Crime Lab Technician I in Crime Scene Unit, Forensic Scientist I (more specifically a serologist) in Forensic Biology Unit 

Elite Spice, Inc: 2012-2017; Lab Technician in Microbiology, Lab Technician in Analytical Chemistry, Technical Service personnel  

Community service: Providing school presentations for local schools and programs about my experiences as a Crime Lab Tech/Forensic Scientist  Sisters Circle Mentor 

Please share your favorite Mercy memory.  

My favorite memory of Mercy was being a member of the Pep Squad and performing at the Mercy/IND Game. I enjoyed choreographing routines and being able to perform them at the Big Game was not only an honor but also really fun. Seeing all our hard work come together in the end was a great feeling. 

Were there any Mercy faculty members who especially impacted your life? Why? 

My advisor, Ms. Tricia Potts, impacted my life the most. I remember her telling my classmates and me, “you’re going to have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince” (loosely translated). I’ve applied those words to nearly everything in my life. I’ve learned I’m going to have to try things differently, and sometimes multiple times. Ultimately, I will get the desired result as long as I keep trying. 

Were there any classes you took at Mercy that stand-out to you? Why? 

Ms. Ludmilla Adler’s French Class was one of the classes at Mercy I enjoyed most. While learning French could be difficult at times, she made every class fun by sharing funny stories about herself and her experiences. This not only made her more relatable to her students, but it made the class more personal, and made the content easier for us to remember.

Why is Mercy High School so important to you?

Mercy is the place where I began my journey to the woman I am today. Among so many other lessons, Mercy helped me to understand the importance of integrity, which is sometimes all you have. Integrity can keep you grounded while trying to navigate and grow in this world. I believe that with continued support of the students, more girls will find that Mercy is a forever home, and a place they too can say profoundly influenced their journey.  

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