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Endowed Funds

Endowed Funds

What are Endowments?

Endowments are comprised of invested funds that generate interest or dividends that can be used for a special purpose or for the general needs of the school. Only the interest is spent while the principal remains intact. Thus, the funds are considered “perpetual.”

Mercy is most grateful for gifts of any size to our general endowment or to any of our named honorary or memorial funds. Below are various types of endowment funds:

  1. Unrestricted donations to Mercy High School's endowment fund allow Mercy to apply your gift to the areas of greatest need.
  2. Dedicated scholarship funds help keep a Mercy education accessible to working families. Faithful to the vision of Catherine McAuley, this enables Mercy to bring girls of all backgrounds together to study, learn, and pray. A minimum gift or pledge of $25,000 establishes a scholarship fund.
  3. Special purpose funds enhance programs and activities in both curricular and extra-curricular areas and enrich the life of the school.
  4. Endowed lectureships, faculty positions, and chairs, also strengthen Mercy.

While our Annual Fund is our most important fundraiser, providing a significant portion of our operating budget each year, our endowment funds supply a steady income regardless of annual variances in fundraising, enrollment, and expenses that are natural for a school.

The Mercy endowment is being built gradually with donations from alumnae, faculty, family and friends. In addition to helping secure Mercy’s future, many of these gifts honor or commemorate loved ones. Some are designated for a particular purpose, such as student scholarship aid, support for key programs within the school, or faculty positions that attract and reward excellent teaching. All endowment funds foster and extend the mission of Mercy.

The Mercy High School Endowment Fund

Student Scholarship Funds
Pompelia Girardi Esposito Scholarship
Joanne Manzo and Bernard Kenyon Scholarship
Seraphia Scholars Fund
Sister Mary Anne Smith Endowed Scholarship
Edward E. and Mary Pascullis Sommerfeldt Scholarship for Migrants and Refugees
Thelma Jean Ullrich Scholarship

Special Purpose Funds
The Sister Mary Michael Grant, OSP Endowed Fund for Music
Virginia Mae McKechnie Fund for the Arts

Please call the Development Office at 410-433-8880, ext. 227, to explore how you might establish an endowment that will help strengthen and sustain Mercy High School for generations to come.