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Student Life

Welcome to Mercy High School’s Student Life page! Now, if you’re looking at this page, this might mean you are interested in attending Mercy, in which case, we would just like to give you a snapshot of what this school is about. From our different clubs to our fifty years of Mercy tradition, Mercy can become a second home for you. Your Mercy sisters, no matter their grade level, will support you through your time and your many Mercy endeavors. Here at Mercy, we value unity, which can be expressed through our Student Council theme for this year, SMILE. SMILE stands for Sisterhood at Mercy Involves Loving Each other. This theme was inspired by the Mother Teresa quote, “Peace begins with a smile.” By sharing a smile throughout the school, we will not only be able to help each other but unify the school. So, whether you’re an athlete, book worm, actress, singer, artist, writer, dancer, or whatever your “thing” may be, Mercy will have a place for you! Welcome to Mercy, and take a look at our many different pages to show you just how great Mercy High School is.