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Clubs & Organizations

Students at Mercy are given the opportunity to participate in a broad range of co-curricular activities. These are designed to foster personal development and enrich their high school experience. The following clubs and organizations are available.

Art Club

This club is open to all students. Here they learn about art from an insider's point of view by putting on a gallery show from start to finish. The students learn how to work with outside companies and balance the differences in art and business. Art club makes connections within the Mercy community involving all students (by a school wide call for artists) and alumni (by showing their work in a special section of the gallery).

Computer Club

The members of this club photograph events for inclusion in school publications including the website. They assist departments with their use of technology and videotape school events, concerts, athletic games, and theater productions. The Computer Club designs and produces the Senior DVD Presentation and assists classes with Field Day music and production.

Dance Troupe

This co-curricular program explores the genres of ballet, modern dance, and jazz dance, in addition to offering students performance opportunities within the school year. This dual emphasis on both the technical and artistic training provides the students with not only a solid, comprehensive foundation, but also a stimulating and enjoyable artistic encounter. Master classes taught by guest artists further enrich the learning process. This group of talented dancers practices two times per week and present their evening and daytime concerts in May. Auditions are in the Fall.

Environmental Awareness Club

This organization is devoted to the enhancement of environmental qualities at school and the education of other students in the area of living in a healthy and benign manner. Meetings occur once a month after school.


This theater arts organization produces two full scale productions and sponsors the Annual Coffeehouse. Members also serve as the technical crews for school-wide functions. Students experience all aspects of the theater arts, from make-up and costumes, scenes, improvisations and monologs, to stage lighting and scene design. All members are required to work at least one crew for one production during the school year. Footlighters meets Monday during Specialty Time.

Garnet Staff (Yearbook)

Students on the Garnet staff determine theme, set structure, create pages and publish the yearbook. Students are recommended for participation by English Teachers.

Girls' Athletic Association

The GAA strives to generate school wide enthusiasm, support, and spirit for all athletic events. GAA also works to promote service within the school that will benefit both the athletic community and the school community as a whole. Some activities include Field Day, fundraisers for the athletic program, and a pep rally for the Mercy/IND basketball game.

The Lance Staff (Literary Magazine)

This talented group of writers publishes the finest submitted works written by Mercy students in an annual literary magazine. A purpose is to encourage the creative writing talents of our students. Members are selected primarily from Writing Workshop by invitation of the editor and moderator. The Lance staff meets during second semester after school.

McAuley Outreach

Named after the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, McAuley Outreach serves to unify the Mercy community to serve those less fortunate; to embody the values of the Mercy community; and to promote awareness of the problems in the world around us. Students are given the opportunity to be active in community service work that benefits the poor, the hungry, the sick, and the needy. All work is exclusive of Junior service hours.

Mercy Ensemble Players

This instrumental music group places an emphasis on chamber music and performs at the Christmas concert, the Spring concert, and at selected events in school. The Mercy Ensemble Players meets weekly before and/or after school. Auditions are required.

Mercy Madrigals

This group of talented vocalists performs at the Christmas concert, Spring concert, and at selected events outside of school. The Mercy Madrigals meet every Tuesday and Thursday, either during Specialty Time, before school, or after school. Auditions are required for interested freshman and transfer students.

National Honor Society

This national organization recognizes students who exemplify scholarship, character, service and leadership within the school and the community. Members are selected for membership at the end of sophomore and junior year. Meeting occur monthly after school. Please click here for a list of the National Honor Society members for 2015-2016.

Organization of American States (High School Model Session)

The Organization of American States at Mercy focuses on preparation for the national Model held in Washington, DC every December. Writing and debating skills are fine tuned as students research issues affecting the Western Hemisphere. OAS is open to all students who are looking to have fun, become the leaders of tomorrow and meet other students from across the nation. Meetings occur every Tuesday and Thursday during Specialty Time. New members are invited to join in January.

Pep Squad

The Pep Squad is a group of students who show their Mercy pride and talent through stepping and dancing at basketball games. Meetings occur after school from October through February.

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

Students Against Destructive Decisions promotes the safety and health of all students through positive decision making. SADD's goal is to spread the message of the consequences of destructive decisions such as, drinking and driving, drug usage, and other destructive health decisions. SADD encourages students to make good decisions today and become the leaders of tomorrow. Meetings occur monthly after school.

Shield Staff (School Paper)

The Shield publishes the school newspaper monthly. Members are selected from among those who submit writing samples or demonstrate artistic or photography ability, and/or computer literacy. Meetings occur every Monday during Specialty Time.

Student Council

This leadership body of the school promotes community spirit and creates an environment where students can share ideas and concerns about the Mercy community. The Student Council consists of a President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Class Officers and Advisee Representatives. Student Council sponsors many service and fun activities during the year. Students are elected as members or serve as at-large members. Meetings occur one Thursday a month after school as noted on the school calendar.

Writing Workshop

This activity is open to students of all grade levels who are serious about their writing. Students present their work to the group, give constructive feedback, and aim for publication. Workshops are offered in two sections during Specialty Time: one on Mondays and another on Thursdays.