Faculty and Staff - Mercy High School

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Faculty and Staff

Our Faculty and Staff are dedicated to the academic success of each Mercy Girl.

For more information, please visit our Degree Information for 2020-2021 List.

Mary Beth Lennon ’85—President
Kathryn Adelsberger—Principal
Mary Ella Franz Marion ’76, P’09—Dean of Students
Niakia Cheese—Director of Equity and Inclusion, Director of Development 
Amy Dean Kemp—Director of Advancement
Bonnie Bevans Kottraba ’98—Director of Enrollment Management
Diana Rego—Director of Finance and Operations
Lauren Traskey—Director of Communications and Special Projects

Delia Burke—Assistant to the President
Sherri Garrett P’22—Health Room Attendant, Attendance Officer
Mary Rizzi-Ayd—School Nurse
Carol Gonce Rego ’76—Registrar & Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Roque—Reception Area Manager
Shannon Austin ’08—Executive Assistant to the Principal and Dean of Students

Caroline King ’11—Assistant Director of Admissions
Bonnie Bevans Kottraba ’98—Director of Enrollment Management
Sadie Northey—Admissions Associate

Niakia Cheese—Director of Equity and Inclusion, Director of Development 
Amy Dean Kemp—Director of Advancement
Karen Lippy Maimone ’92, P’19—Director of Alumnae Engagement

Nick Gill—Director of Athletics
George Panagetou—Assistant Director of Athletics


Fall Sports

Varsity Cross Country
Head Coach—Sarah Lotz
Assistant Coach—Kimm Allison 

Varsity Field Hockey
Head Coach—Katie McNeel
Assistant Coach—Rebecca Tracey Aumann ’09

Varsity Soccer
Head Coach—Doug Pryor P’13
Assistant Coaches—Eric Coles, Emily Crusse ’18

Junior Varsity Soccer
Head Coach—TBD

Varsity Volleyball
Head Coach—Matt Marion
Assistant Coach—Monet Lea

Junior Varsity Volleyball
Head Coach—TBD

Winter Sports

Varsity Basketball
Head Coach—Mary Ella Franz Marion ’76, P’09
Assistant Coaches—Kate Bell Lipka ’07, George Panageotou P’23

Junior Varsity Basketball
Head Coach—JJ McQueen P’21

Varsity Cheerleading
Head Coach—Tina Kanonuhwa

Varsity Indoor Soccer
Head Coach—Nick Gill
Assistant Coaches—Brian Casserly P’23, Kris Ward

Varsity Indoor Track & Field
Head Coach—Eric Coles
Assistant Coach—TBD

Spring Sports

Varsity Golf
Head Coach—Matt Marion
Assistant Coaches—Rich Marion P’09, Mike Miguel P’21

Varsity Lacrosse
Head Coach—Brian Casserly P’23
Assistant Coach—Kerianne Allen

Junior Varsity Lacrosse
Head Coach—Joe Lesko P’19, ’22

Varsity Softball
Head Coach—Danico Harvey
Assistant Coaches—Chris Ilyes, Bruce Mitchell

Varsity Outdoor Track & Field
Head Coach—Kristapher Lee ’07
Assistant Coach—Taylor Hall ’08

*Indicates Department Chair

Computer Science Department

Kimm Allison—Computer Science Teacher, Technology Coordinator
MaryClare Cernik*—Computer Science Teacher
Melinda Johnson—Computer Science Teacher, Director of Women in Technology Program, Director of Information Technology

English Department

Ian Davis*—English Teacher
Sr. Helen Doherty, RSM—Writing Center Director
Samantha Pomplon—’International Baccalaureate Coordinator; English Teacher

Fine Arts Department

Melanie Coburn ’89—Visual Arts Teacher, Director of the Visual Arts Program
Michele May—Director of the Dance Program
Jessica Thomas*—Director of Fine Arts

Library Sciences Department

Courtney Goldbeck—Director of Library and Information Services

Mathematics Department

Jonathan Frank—Mathematics Teacher
Cathrine King, P’09, ’11, ’16, ’22*—Mathematics Teacher
Grace King ’16—Coordinator of Off-Campus Activities and Special Programs, Director of the Women in Medicine Program, the Sr. Agnese Neumann Scholars Program, and the Mentor Program; Mathematics Teacher
Kim Sheridan ’86—Mathematics Teacher
Eugene Sung—Mathematics Teacher

Physical & Health Education Department

Sherry Bossle ’91*—Physical & Health Education Teacher

Religious Studies Department 

Kate Bell Lipka ’07—Religious Studies Teacher, Coordinator of Service Learning
Lorraine Cuddeback-Gedeon, Ph.D.—Religious Studies Teacher, Director of Mission & Ministry
Rebecca Egan Hogg ’89*—Religious Studies Teacher
Mae Miller P’04—Religious Studies Teacher
John Sullivan, Ph.D.—Religious Studies Teacher, Social Studies Teacher

Science Department

Peggy Carey—Science Teacher, Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science Program Coordinator
Rena Collector—Science Teacher
Shai Levin—Science Teacher
Sue Ann Ness—Science Teacher
Nancy Uryasz*—Science Teacher

Social Studies Department

Denise Fierro—Social Studies Teacher
Jennifer Frieman—Social Studies Teacher
Kate Bell Lipka ’07—AP Psychology Teacher
Ghani Raines*—Social Studies Teacher, Director of the Law and Social Action Program
John Sullivan, Ph.D.—Religious Studies Teacher, Social Studies Teacher

World Languages Department

Ludmilla Adler—World Languages Teacher
Julio Fernandez P’06, ’08—World Languages Teacher
Monica Fetzer*—World Languages Teacher
Lisa Maly—World Languages Teacher
Abigail Schindler—Academic Dean & Director of Continuous Learning, World Languages Teacher

Facilities Department

Charles Barber—Facilities Assistant
David Barber—Facilities Coordinator
James Bowen—Facilities Assistant
Clementina Iyaki—Facilities Assistant
Michael Schweigerath—Facilities Assistant

Campus Safety Department

Chris Ilyes—Campus Safety Coordinator
Roland Wallace P’11—Security Officer


Bruce Mitchell—Bus Driver

Nick Gill—Rental Manager for Playing Fields
Michele May—Campus Events Coordinator
Heather Mork—Auditorium Manager for The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Auditorium and Interim Communications Specialist

Michele Hogarth—Accounting Assistant
Diana Rego—Director of Finance and Operations
Maryann Wadja ’77—Senior Accountant

Caitlin Carlson—Learning Specialist
Kristy Cummings P’16, ’23—Director of Student Services and College Counseling
Kristan Jester Ed.M.—School and College Counselor
Jenn Mustillo-McGraw, M.Ed., NCC—School Counselor
Beth Rich—Administrative Assistant to the Student Services Team
Martha Wharton J.D., Ph.D.—School Counselor