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The Catherine McAuley Honors Program

The Catherine McAuley Honors Program

The Catherine McAuley Honors Program features rigorous classes that challenge Mercy Girls to develop the confidence to succeed as thinkers and scholars. This program allows Mercy Girls to achieve mastery at an advanced level with fellow honors students in an inspiring learning environment.

Mercy Girls are admitted to this program by invitation only. During freshman year, McAuley Scholars are enrolled in honors level courses, with their mathematics and world languages courses determined by placement testing. At the end of freshman year, Mercy Girls are given the opportunity to choose honors study in at least two disciplines to be continued over their sophomore, junior, and senior years. After completing the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP), Mercy Girls in the Catherine McAuley Honors Program participate in the IB Diploma Programme (DP) for 11th and 12th grade students. This program prepares students to become creative problem-solvers and lifelong independent thinkers, and distinguishes Mercy graduates for consideration at top colleges and universities because of IB’s global reputation for academic rigor.
During their time in the Catherine McAuley Honors Program, Mercy Girls become passionate about academic research and expand their horizons by:

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  • Ninth Grade Programming

    • Taking required honors sections of United States history, chemistry, and English language and literature. Mathematics and world language courses are based upon placement testing and/or prior coursework
  • Tenth Grade Programming

    • Continuing honors coursework in at least two academic disciplines
  • Eleventh and Twelfth Grade Programming

    • Participating in the Diploma Programme, which furthers their studies in language and literature, language acquisition, individuals and societies, sciences, mathematics, and the arts, while also completing the following:
      • Theory of Knowledge: a philosophy course in which Mercy Girls reflect on the nature of knowledge and how we know what we claim to know
      • The Extended Essay: an independent, self-directed piece of research that culminates in a 4,000-word paper
      • Creativity, Activity, Service: a culminating project exploring one of the elements listed resulting in a significant outcome

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  • What is evaluated in the application process?

    Mercy Girls must: 
    • Have above average grades in all middle school courses
    • Have above average standardized test scores
    • Be in the top 25% of scores on the High School Placement Test among all Mercy applicants
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