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Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences Program

Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences Program

The Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences Program, a nationally recognized program, challenges Mercy Girls to investigate the roles of biomedical professionals as they study the concepts of human medicine, physiology, genetics, microbiology, forensic science, and public health. The goal of this three-year program is to foster collaboration and design thinking as students learn content in the context of real-world cases to examine the structure and interactions of human body systems as they explore the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

This program is open to qualified ninth graders and is in addition to Mercy’s foundational science courses. This three-year sequence of classes builds on the skills and knowledge gained in preceding courses. Mercy Girls enrolled in this program are challenged to tackle the most pressing healthcare issues of today and tomorrow through this unique curriculum that features engaging activities related to the role of a physician, crime scene investigation, biomedical engineering and innovation, emergency medicine, and biochemistry.
Mercy Girls in the Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences Program prepare and present an independent research project in their specific field of interest.

The learning is hands-on. Project Lead the Way students step into the roles of physician, crime scene investigator, biomedical engineer, first responder, biochemist, and biomedical innovator. Read more about some of the skills acquired by clicking on these roles below!

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  • Physician

    • Diagnose fictional patients
    • Analyze insulin levels in diabetic patients
    • Practice suturing
    • Build a model of the body’s systems from the inside out
    • Perform dissections
    • Measure heart rate and blood pressure
    • Practice phlebotomy techniques on models
  • Crime Scene Investigator

    • Collect and analyze evidence
    • Predict time of death
    • Compare fingerprints of persons-of-interest
    • Analyze DNA samples using gel electrophoresis
    • Identify a fictional missing person based upon skeletal remains
  • Biomedical Engineer

    • Craft a prosthetic limb
    • Design new treatments for diabetic patients
    • Build models to mimic biomedical pathways
    • Make presentations on biometric technologies
  • First Responder

    • Participate in trauma simulations to practice lifesaving techniques
  • Biochemist

    • Plate and transform bacteria
    • Purify fluorescent proteins
    • Perform a microarray to identify cancer genes
    • Grow a yeast culture to understand melanoma
  • Biomedical Innovator

    • Propose new technologies and procedures to create the future of biomedicine
    • Design innovative solutions for the most pressing challenges of the 21st century

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  • What is evaluated in the application process?

    A supplemental application is required and acceptance is limited. Mercy Girls must have the following: 
    • Strong grades in middle school math and science
    • Strong standardized test results
    • Strong High School Placement Test (HPST) results
    • A student statement expressing her interest in biomedicine
    • Completed supplemental application
  • Where can I learn more about the program?

    The Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences Program is a nationally recognized program. More information can be found by visiting
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