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Thelma Jean Ullrich Scholarship

This memorial scholarship for needy students was established in 2015 through the Thomas More Project by the family of Thelma Ullrich, a teacher and principal in the public schools of Mt. Clemens, Michigan. After graduating in 1945 from the University of Michigan, Thelma embarked on a life of fearless thirst for learning and adventure that took her to teaching positions in California, Kauai, Hawaii (before it became a state), and Venezuela and travels that included a boat trip to Japan and driving to Mexico City, all by 1955.

Thelma eventually settled in her hometown, becoming principal of the elementary school she and her siblings had attended and then several other schools, retiring after 43 years in education. She became an active and cheerful volunteer at the Mt. Clemens First Presbyterian Church, the local historical museum, and the town art center.

Like Thelma, her brother Jim also settled in their hometown, but her sister Ginny came to Baltimore and established the Tomlinson Craft Collection, renowned for its offerings of fine American handmade crafts for over 30 years.

Thelma Ullrich poured her fondness and compassion for children into her work as teacher and principal, into her own family, and into her church youth groups. She gave generously to assist Catholic schools in educating the poor.

To make a gift to this fund indicate “Thelma Jean Ullrich Scholarship” in the designation box on our donate page.
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